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July 8, 2009
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YSI -  NPC Teaser by yeahswingit YSI -  NPC Teaser by yeahswingit
PLEASE NOTE: Only two NPCs, Baron and Biggs, are of absolute importance. We stress that NPCs are NOT NECESSARY, but for fun and to create the illusion that the city/mobs are bigger, and to inspire contestants!

Name: Vincent "Vinny" DeSoto
Age: Nunna Yer Beeswax
Race: Anthro (German Shepherd)
Alliance: The Baron
Occupation: Right Hand Man to The Baron
Brief Bio: Vinny will swear up and down again and again that the DeSotos have been in “the family” for a very, very long time. He's joyously ruthless, just as happy to order inferiors around as he is to deal with matters on his own. The only thing faster than his trigger finger is his mouth, which is apt at wooing and disgusting ladies, spitting in your face, and instigating riots.

Name: Mr. Biggs
Age: 48
Race: Anthro (Grizzly)
Alliance: Himself
Occupation: Boss
Brief Bio: His mother was the arm accessory for an old miser, and as a youth Biggs had plans for liquor schemes. The old man was in favor of the prohibition, and so young Biggs was forced to have some boys "talk" to him in order to obtain an impressive loan. In contrast to the Baron, Biggs is a clean cut gentlemen of the big city, well-versed in etiquette. He desires nothing more than for the Baron to be eliminated as competition so that his upstanding club may thrive and the rich rule.

Name: Netta Parsons
Age: Mid 20s
Race: Caucasian
Alliance: Mr Biggs
Occupation: Right hand lady, confidante and socialite.
Brief Bio: Clawing her way up from relative obscurity at an early age, Netta is a popular figure amongst the city's partying elite. She's met everyone, drunk everything and knows where most bodies are buried, because nothing's kept from a pretty girl in a low neckline. She's currently allied with Mr Biggs, as her fast ticket to the top. She's sharp tongued and acidic, with a soft spot for grizzly gentlemen.

Name: Reedell "The Weasel" Gonzalez
Age: 34
Race: Human
Alliance: Biggs
Occupation: Hitman
Brief Bio: Former partner of Vincent DeSoto and previously employed by the Baron himself, Reedell is a highly skilled marksman who entrusted the Baron with the safety of his wife and family. When an opposing mob murdered his loved ones in cold blood, he left to ally himself with Mr. Biggs when the Baron failed to provide the protection he'd promised. Gonzalez has since given Biggs all information he knows about the Baron's tactics and underlings. He has a taste for fine clothing and expensive jewelry.

Name: Lourdes Poids
Age: 38
Race: Human
Alliance: The Baron
Occupation: Swamp Witch
Brief Bio: Spending a majority of her life in the swamps of The Bayou City, Lourdes was heavily trained in the voodoo arts of magic and potion making through the females in her family. Though she tends to appear as very warm and jovial at first glance, one should be wary - one wrong move can get you anywhere from being turned into a hideous beast or reduced to a pile of cinders from the concoctions she makes.

Name: Savannah Oralie
Age: 20
Race: Human / Werewolf
Alliance: The Baron
Occupation: Bodyguard
Brief Bio: Voice like a bell and honeyed with a velvetty Southern drawl, Savannah Oralie is the Baron's arm candy. She is more than what she seems, however, as this petite young lady with golden curls is able to shapeshift into a terrible creature of the swamp by moonlight.

Name: The Baron
Age: 45
Race: Human
Alliance: Himself
Occupation: Boss
Brief Bio: No one knows from where the Baron comes from, only that his family originated in the swamps of the Bayou city. As an adult, he quickly accumulated riches trafficing both hallucinigens and alcohol, and was able to obtain whatever he wanted through manipulation and intelligence. Unfortuantely, Baron's methods in comparison to Biggs' are barbaric and messy, often times causing mass hysteria. He operates out of a shady speakeasy and dance club - a wrecked steam boat in the swamp.

Name: Francesca Soldad
Age: No.
Race: Roma (commonly referred to as Gypsy)
Alliance: As far as anyone can tell, she answers to Biggs
Occupation: Her business card reads simply "Madame"
Brief Bio: Her exact origins are a bit of a mystery, and certainly she seems to welcome any and all specualtion on the matter. Talented in many fine arts of seduction and extortion (and perhaps even a bit of witchcraft on the side), she trades in pleasure and information, but is willing to venture into any scheme given the liklihood of a large payoff. Currently, she's invovled with Biggs, offering anyone anyone in his ranks the accomodations of her high class Bordello. As long as you're willing to meet her price, she's sure to leave you a happy customer in one way or another.

Name: Enzo Valentino
Age: 16
Race: Human
Alliance: Mr. Biggs
Occupation: Eyes on the street/theif
Brief Bio: Enzo was the son of one of Mr. Bigg's rival bootleggers until somehow their operation was shut down and his whole family arrested. Not knowing Bigg's connection to the bust, Enzo was then taken under the Grizzly's wing. Although young, Enzo is a brilliant chemist, specializing in poisons that somehow manage to mind-control small creatures like rats and cockroaches, able to use them for spying and small scale theft.

Name: Marie Jolie
Age: Mid-thirties
Race: Half-Cajun, half-Haitian
Alliance: Independent
Occupation: Owner and manager of the Ruby Chandelier
Brief Bio: Having outsmarted the devil in her youth, Marie is a shrewd but arrogant aging party-babe. She owns and runs the Ruby Chandelier, something of an American Moulin Rouge, but doesn’t ally herself with any particular faction, out of personal preference and business concerns. She hates being ordered around, told she’s wrong, or people breaking her things; she tolerates the Baron trashing her place to some extent; she loves flattery, parties, teasing, and things that at least look ridiculously expensive.
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GarnetWings Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009
where did you get the cityscape background from?
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So who are the NPCs for the cops?
AzeilaRose Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These look awesome! I love the different styles! I wish I could know who did what so I could go look at their DA pages! :D
Yuichu Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009
Oh ho ho, I like your Baron Samedi influence/reference there.

Also, Mr. Biggs isn't a light reference to Mr. Big from Live and Let Die, is he? :0
yeahswingit Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2009
Afraid not 8(
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